Cat Study

So, not the first time I’ve painted cats, but lets go with about the fourth. I decided to embark on painting 6 different cats, all with different personalities. I’m pretty happy with the results! Who says watercolor can’t be forgiving? I erased a bunch while painting and continued to practice going straight into painting, no sketching first. Check em out:

Hello 2017!

It seems like it’s flying by. I’m delving more into watercolor this year, still taking a bit of a break from oil paints. Watercolors are a huge challenge but really rewarding. I’m back to taking a class and continuing on my own making fun cards. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

And created some sweet Valentine’s Day cards for a friend.

Pack of cards for a friend!


I promise to keep you guessing on when I’ll ever write a blog post again. Or maybe I’ll make some goals on being more regular, who knows! Either way, this year has been nuts. Full of traveling and seeing friends and family, trying to paint when I can, and switching jobs. All good stuff. I’m going to try to include one painting, one photograph, and one thing I think is cool in each post. Here goes:




Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia


Thing I found:
The Drinkable Book. You can tear out the pages and use each one as a water filter. Check it out!

The Drinkable Book


Spring is really here! As evidenced by my last post, I’m loving all the flowers coming out and finally got my hands dirty doing some planting. Now here’s to keeping them alive. This week I just want to share a few flower pictures I’ve taken. Enjoy!

Oil Pastels

Been a while! I’ve been busy making all kinds of new cards on my Moka|Designs shop! Spring is finally here and I’ve been soaking up the sun and breaking out those old oil pastels. I think they actually might be like 20 years old. No joke. Here is what I played around with:

Started another oil painting…

Oil painting is incredibly hard, but so rewarding… I just need to find 3 hour blocks to do it in. I love the way the paint feels and how forgiving it is– especially after playing with watercolor for a while (which is not forgiving at all). Wanted to share¬†some kind of progress, as I work to get more done on this Bruges alley painting-


Watercolor Experimentation

I’ve been having a blast playing around with splattering paint, creating galaxies, and playing with masking fluid. Masking fluid is just what it sounds like. It’s this stinky fluid you paint onto your paper wherever you want to keep it blank, with an old crappy brush, wait for it to dry, then paint in the area you didn’t cover. Once it’s dry you get to peel it off, which is actually great fun. It leaves you paper clean and creates great borders. I’ve been working on different ideas for new card designs coming soon!


Happy New Year!

Dear several followers- thanks for still following! I’ve been slow to do my first post this year as I’ve been galavanting around London and Bruges. I’ll definitely be posting some photos soon, both of those cities can be really beautiful even in winter. For now, some watercolor painting experimentation for you. I’ve been playing around with different techniques to learn more about depth and textures building with watercolors. More to come this year!