Rapid Notation Painting Class

From the second class
From the second class

I took a two night workshop on rapid notation in paint. Somehow I decided that painting 12-15 paintings in oil in one night was a good idea. My kitchen table was out of commission for a week after each class (luckily they were a week apart). It was a great experience- we painted each composition for anywhere from 1 to 15 minutes.

Warmed up with just drawing to music with our eyes closed. Then did contour charcoal drawings, blind and not blind. And then we jumped into painting. It was super challenging but the different rules and timing for each painting really forced you to focus on just trying to communicate some sort of depth/composition visually with little detail. I learned a lot more about the way to start a painting, which I’m excited to try out in my next one.

Here are a few of the painting I like best:


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