FotoWeek DC 2011

FotoWeek DC 2011 ended just last weekend. I have always wanted to go, but never made it before. After one failed attempt (how do working people make it to exhibits before 7pm?? Then was rudely told to go away, the exhibit closes in 15 minutes) I finally went and was completely overwhelmed. I admit I had to skip over some of the documentary photographs because of the intensity/bloodshed, which I physically just can’t stomach. But many of the rest of them displayed some fabulous talent that was so fun to appreciate. Every photograph entered was printed at a thumbnail size all together on 5-6 large floor to ceiling posters. It was a neat effect to see every photograph submitted.

One that really stands out is the commercial category winner Cade Martin with the Neenah Paper photo, it’s fantastic. The way the trees reflect the shape of the postal worker’s coat, is beautifully done. Another first place winner, Alessandro Belgiojoso, for fine art blew the others out of the water. His photograph was mesmerizing, almost in blue monotone, and of fireworks on the water that resembled the northern lights with people in boats observing the view. What could be improved is to print the winners for each category in a larger format than the rest. The winners could have been more appreciated at a larger size, even though they certainly stood out.

Overall,  I’m very glad I caught it this year.

Check it out! You can at least glance through the winners up on their site.

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