Actually helpful?

A colleague of mine showed us this project in which someone attempted to develop a specific typeface for people with dyslexia, called “Dyslexie”. I love the idea of creating a typeface that makes reading for dyslexics easier, but I’m not sure this one is quite there though. It definitely makes a good attempt, weighting the letters and suggesting less words per line (among a few other things).

I actually have a friend who is dyslexic and I had her try to read this font and see if it was easier for her. She said it wasn’t really and then checked out the experiments they conducted. My friend is also studying to a psychologist and claimed that their experiment was biased and not a big enough sample group.

Overall, love the concept. I have my resignations about the aesthetic appeal of this typeface, along with how much it is actually helpful to those with Dyslexia.


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