Watercolor Experimentation

I’ve been having a blast playing around with splattering paint, creating galaxies, and playing with masking fluid. Masking fluid is just what it sounds like. It’s this stinky fluid you paint onto your paper wherever you want to keep it blank, with an old crappy brush, wait for it to dry, then paint in the area you didn’t cover. Once it’s dry you get to peel it off, which is actually great fun. It leaves you paper clean and creates great borders. I’ve been working on different ideas for new card designs coming soon!


Happy New Year!

Dear several followers- thanks for still following! I’ve been slow to do my first post this year as I’ve been galavanting around London and Bruges. I’ll definitely be posting some photos soon, both of those cities can be really beautiful even in winter. For now, some watercolor painting experimentation for you. I’ve been playing around with different techniques to learn more about depth and textures building with watercolors. More to come this year!


The Etsy shop is open!

MoKaDesigns_Logo_2I’m excited to announce that I’ve opened an Etsy shop selling watercolor greeting cards, called Mo|Ka Designs!

This will soon not only be my endeavor, but I will be collaborating with a wonderful and talented illustrator friend of mine to create some more fun designs. I plan to expand to small watercolors soon after, but first starting with cards. Cards are a lot harder to photograph than I thought, but with some trial and error, I got some good photos. I have around 10 cards to start, and will soon be adding more. If you like it, buy one, favorite the shop, or at least bookmark it to check back as I update the shop. Right now I have Birthday (one featured below), Hanukkah, Christmas, Congrats, Thank You, a blank winter card (below), and Thinking of You cards!

Here are two as a preview, go check em out!




I’ve been looking at Vermeer a lot lately, and am just continually impressed and blown away by the neutral but powerful colors in his paintings. Whether you get on board with the (conspiracy) theories of him using early camera obscura or not, they are fabulous paintings. Nothing I’m saying is new, but his use of light and color is amazing and convincing. This is a painting by him that I haven’t seen before now:


Art Class Fun

Started up class again for the fall and I’m having a great time! Continuing to learn about color and pushing and pulling the paint. I find that I’m having break-throughs in the last 20-30 minutes of class. It always flies by and is surprising that it is all of a sudden 10pm. Here’s what I’ve been working on so far!

painting of a skull and a teapot
Fun black and white painting.
painting of a still life on a table and a hat hanging on a wall
A little flat– had just over an hour for this one.
southwestern still life
Really nailed the “green” cloth on this one, and the rest needed more work. Good composition.

Art Show Proof!

It is a very unreal experience to say- hey friends and family, come see this art show that I’m in! Juried by an artist! It was a wonderful show full of awesome work. I was very impressed at the great pieces I saw in this show, the school has some very talented students. I’m very proud of this painting and it’s one of the few I’ve ever framed (3)! Though noted from my art teacher I’ll pick a thinner frame next time when the painting has strong lines.

erika standing in front of painting
Oh hey- I made that!

Art Show!

Update! I have a painting in my first show coming up. I was accepted into the juried student show where I’ve been taking classes. I’m very excited to announce it opens this Friday until September 18th. So if you’re local, go check it out at Washington Studio School! Here is a sneak peek of my oil painting framed

painting of angles and a paint bucket
Shadow and angles.

Watercolor Masking Experimentation

I recently bought some art masking fluid to play with for keeping the white of the paper as I paint with watercolors. I played around with it this weekend and it was so fun! So easy to use, except for washing out the brushes…. when that stuff dries on them, it’s terribly annoying to get it out. The first one below I just wanted to play with lines and dots, intending it to be stars in a night sky. Perhaps it looks more like snow though. The second I wanted to play with it in the background of a simple painting. So fun!house on a hill at night

pineapple on a table



CSA Painting

I have a CSA this spring/summer and have been getting beautiful fruits and vegetables. I’ve been baking and cooking a lot, but finally took some time to paint some of it! The colors of these plums are amazing and they are just so delicious too. More watercolors to come!

painting of plums
Basket of plums