Art Show!

Update! I have a painting in my first show coming up. I was accepted into the juried student show where I’ve been taking classes. I’m very excited to announce it opens this Friday until September 18th. So if you’re local, go check it out at Washington Studio School! Here is a sneak peek of my oil painting framed

painting of angles and a paint bucket
Shadow and angles.

Watercolor Masking Experimentation

I recently bought some art masking fluid to play with for keeping the white of the paper as I paint with watercolors. I played around with it this weekend and it was so fun! So easy to use, except for washing out the brushes…. when that stuff dries on them, it’s terribly annoying to get it out. The first one below I just wanted to play with lines and dots, intending it to be stars in a night sky. Perhaps it looks more like snow though. The second I wanted to play with it in the background of a simple painting. So fun!house on a hill at night

pineapple on a table



CSA Painting

I have a CSA this spring/summer and have been getting beautiful fruits and vegetables. I’ve been baking and cooking a lot, but finally took some time to paint some of it! The colors of these plums are amazing and they are just so delicious too. More watercolors to come!

painting of plums
Basket of plums

So I swear I’ve been painting…

I’ve actually been painting every Monday night for 3 hours! It’s great! I’ve updated my paintings section with a few more paintings. My technical skills are getting better along with planning compositions. I did find out I bought just the crappiest paints, so I’ll get through them soon and buy the better ones. I’m starting to actually see the difference in pigments when mixing different brands together. So, my goal is to keep on keeping on and maybe add one more painting day to my schedule. Wish me luck! Here’s my current favorite:
painting of pail of paint, brush, frame, and shadows

New Painting!

Finished a new painting, that is an odd collection of things, but is one of my best technique-wise so far I think. This will maybe even be framed…

painting of books bottles and eggs

Painting Life into Still Life Painting

I’m definitely still learning how, but feel like I’m making progress. Definitely not my favorite subject matter, but I’m getting used to trying to breathe some life into them, and not let drab colors be drab. I figure if I can make a still life dramatic, it’ll be awesome to apply that to subject matters of greater interest to me. Really loving this art class I’m taking again. Can’t believe I waited so long to start one up again.

still life with bottles and box
Two classes to get this one done.

Holiday Cards!

I had a blast painting some holiday cards to give to my family this year. Things I learned while doing so:
1. Cards are hard to photograph
2. Watercolor paints make amazing cards
3. I love using watercolor paints with pens.

Check out a few!

And one new years card-

Loved painting the dress part of this.
Loved painting the dress part of this.